Minecraft how to make a small slot machine

Dinos & Dodos is a datapack that adds prehistoric animals and plants into your minecraft game, that can be made through the use of genetic engineering!

One slot is used for the output, one slot is a security slot, so there are seven slots to put ingredients into. But for a barrel there are 12 input items: Planks for every sort of wood and Stairs of every type of wood. K'nex Flywheel Powered Machine Gun: 9 Steps You could easily modify this to make it into a faster firing machine gun or a semi-auto with a trigger. I just wanted to keep it at a relatively slow rate of fire. Brick Drop | a K'nex Ball Machine Element: 7 Steps Brick Drop | a K'nex Ball Machine Element: Hello again! Here I am again making the useless useful, this time with k'nex bricks! This is a very simple drop through, featured in my ball machine 3Xodus.

Vending Machine: This is a complex but well worth it redstone vending machine. You put a emerald in the bottom and click on the button below the item frame …

The Great, Red Gumball Machine Minecraft Skin HTML
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